Dogtor Calls' Mascots

Ally was born in Kentfield, California and raised in Novato, California.  She graduated from Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield and then attended UCLA before transferring to UC Santa Cruz, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in 2011.  She is currently completing prerequisite science coursework and waiting to hear if she will be accepted to veterinary school in the fall of 2016.  Ally has worked as a veterinary assistant for the past three years, but has also been employed as a barista at Peet's Coffee, a lifeguard at the UCLA pools and a camp counselor at a children's summer camp.  She has also worked on set for various television and movie productions.  Ally hopes to earn her veterinary degree in the next four years and then return to Dogtor Calls as an associate veterinarian.  In the meantime, she enjoys learning as much as possible about veterinary medicine from Dr. Kelley and spending her free time rock climbing and participating in circus arts.  Above all, she makes sure she reserves plenty of time to spend with her beloved Husky mix, Pepper and her handsome fiancĂ©, Matthew.

Tommy (Kiowa's Tohono Tomahawk)                              Official Client Greeter

Tommy was born at the Bureau of Land Management's Litchfield Corrals, near Susanville, Ca. in 2007.  His mother had been part of a wild Mustang herd that had been brought in from the range as part of the BLM's Wild Horse & Burro Program.  Dr. Kelley had been researching horses at the facility ever since her 30 year old pinto Mustang had passed 6 months earlier (Little Scout had also been born to a BLM mare, acquired from the "Nut Mountain Herd").  She never saw quite the right horse on the BLM website, so she and her husband finally decided to drive to Litchfield, just to look (famous last words).  They were sent to walk along a breezeway between pastures full of horses, separated based on age and gender.  They planned to take a look at the yearling colts, then move down to look at the mares and foals.  But as they stood outside that yearling pasture, something incredible happened.  Kelley locked eyes with a pinto colt standing about 100 yards away... her heart started to pound, her face went white & she began to shake.  Her concerned husband tried to coax her off to the foal pasture but she told him she couldn't go yet, she had to see this colt.  At that moment the colt moved away from the rest of the herd and began to slowly walk towards his admirer.  Five days later, they returned to Litchfield with the horse trailer and brought Tommy home.  It turns out that Tom's mom was also from the Nut Mountain Herd, the same herd as Little Scout's.  Tommy was technically a wild Mustang, but Kelley had him halter trained in 9 days and he is now as tame and loving as the puppy dogs he grew up with.  Tom looks forward to his training and grooming sessions with his Mom, but loves nothing more than greeting the people and pets that come to the property to visit him.

Allyson Bobus                                                                  Veterinary Assistant

Dogtor Calls' Staff

Mobile Veterinary Hospital

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Dogtor Calls

Kelley McNair, DVM                                                        Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Kelley was born and raised in Novato, California.  She graduated from Novato High School (a very long time ago), before attending CSU Stanislaus, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  Kelley has known from the age of 8 that she was going to be a veterinarian.  It was a career that would combine her love for animals and problem solving with her fascination with the way living things work.  Her hard work and determination all paid off when she received her DVM degree from UC Davis in 1998.  Kelley worked in a traditional veterinary practice in Novato for the next 14 years.  She created Dogtor Calls in 2012 with one very specific goal in mind - to continue to provide full service, quality veterinary care, but in a less rushed, crowded, unsettling environment than that of a traditional veterinary hospital.  She wanted more time to befriend her patients and to earn their trust & affection.  Kelley enjoys spending time with her "boys" and husband Brian.  She is an avid K9 agility addict and spends most of her "off time" training or trialing with Golden Retrievers, Kamdyn and Kaydyn, but always reserves time to work with Tommy the Mustang and cuddle with Jaycey the Bengal cat.  And if there's any time left over after that... Kelley and the boys go hiking or camping or enter a Splash Dog or Nose Work event. 

Katy was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Petaluma, California.  She graduated from Casa Grande High School in Petaluma before attending San Francisco State University, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in 2001.  Katy worked in theater production and as a bank teller before entering the veterinary field in 2005.  She was employed as a veterinary receptionist at a traditional veterinary practice in Novato, where she worked with Dr. Kelley for seven years before deciding to join Dr. Kelley at Dogtor Calls as Hospital Manager.  Her organizational skills, attention to detail and compassion for patients and their owners proved invaluable in the creation and set-up of Dogtor Calls and the continued management of the practice.  Katy enjoys spending time with her family and is a dedicated caretaker to her senior kitty, Lily, who requires constant attention to manage her inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and recurrent urinary tract infections.  Katy shares her experiences treating Lily with clients, encouraging them not to give up on their older pets.

Katherine Merideth                                                           Veterinary Assistant

Katy Wester                                                                      Hospital Manager

Kamdyn (Jecon's Kruizin' Kamdyn)                      Treatment Room Supervisor

Kamdyn was born in Penngrove, California in 2008.  He was Dr. Kelley's favorite of a litter of 7 pups whelped by her agility trainer.  Kelley loved visiting & playing with the pups, but had no intention of adopting one.  She already had a dog & didn't "need" another.  But at 7 weeks of age, the "Camo-collared pup" was diagnosed with a heart murmur and suddenly his future was uncertain.  He shouldn't go to the performance home he'd been promised to, because the murmur might be an indicator of a serious heart condition.  But if he went to a pet home and it proved to be an innocent murmur (one that is of no consequence to the pet & might even disappear), "Camo Pup", who'd been bred to be a high-drive working dog, might end up frustrated and destructive in a quiet family home.  So when Kelley's trainer asked her if she might be willing to adopt "Camo Pup", Kelley replied, "Oh, you mean Jecon's Kruizin' Kamdyn?  I'll take him home Thursday."  One year, two cardiac ultrasounds & three cardiology consults later, Kamdyn's murmur was declared innocent and he was released to "work" with no restrictions.  Kamdyn loves K9 agility more than anything in the world.  He recently attended the AKC Nationals in Reno and earned his MACH 3 (3rd Master Agility Championship) in September, 2015.  Kam also competes in Splash Dog competitions and is working on earning his K9 Nosework 3 title.  He also enjoys camping, swimming, boating and hanging out with Mom and brother Kayde. 

Kaydyn (GoGold's Kandu Kaydyn)                            Patient Recovery Monitor

Kaydyn was born in Spring Grove, IL in 2012.  Once again, Dr. Kelley was not really looking for a pup.  She was grieving the loss of her beloved Jordyn and planning the opening of Dogtor Calls and had decided she'd look for Jordyn's successor sometime in October or November.  But then a friend sent her an email reading, "I know it's too soon, but I thought these pictures might cheer you up," with a link to a website introducing a litter of performance pups that were directly related to the friend's Champion agility dog.  Kelley scrolled down the page, with no intention of doing anything more than looking... and then she read the final comment at the very bottom of the page... "Pups will be available to go to their forever homes on July 4," which just happened to be the same day she had picked up Jordyn, 10 years earlier.  Kelley sent a quick note to her friend, "Please don't tell me these pups were born on May 10th - Jordyn's birthday."  The response read, "They were...sorry."  Six weeks later, Kelley flew to Illinois to bring Kayde home.  Kayde is an extremely high-drive and incredibly curious boy.  Keeping him out of trouble has been quite a challenge for his Mom.  Kayde's greatest pleasure is running on the agility course, but he also enjoys luring big brother Kam into doggy wrestling matches, and annoying sister Jaycey, the Bengal cat.  And at the end of a long day, Kayde likes nothing better than curling up on the couch between Mom & Kam.

Katherine was born in Badconstatt, Germany and raised in England.  After graduating from high school, she moved to San Diego, California, where she met her husband.  Kat then attended nursing school in Wyoming and Utah, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor or Science in Nursing.  She worked as a nurse in Salt Lake City, Boise, Phoenix and Fresno & spent some time teaching nursing before moving to Napa and giving up her career to care for her elderly mother who had suffered several strokes.  After her mother passed, Kat decided to pursue a new career in a field she had been fascinated with as a child.  She enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program at Santa Rosa Junior College before joining Dogtor Calls in 2015.  Kat recently suffered the loss of her beloved Vizsla, Jesse, leaving little mixed breed, Albus, distraught and grieving.  The family promptly adopted 2 terrier mixes, littermates Pippin and Charley.  Katherine enjoys spending time with her family and loves sharing stories of the joy and chaos that her three pups bring to all of their lives.