Dogtor Calls' Services


As your pet's primary veterinarian, Dogtor Calls will be available to perform: 

     * Annual exams

     * Annual lab tests and vaccines

     * Assessment and treatment of injuries

           and illnesses

     * Diagnostic blood tests

     * X-rays

     * Ultrasound

     * Dental prophylaxis

     * Surgical procedures

     * Cold Laser and VOM

Dogtor Calls is not your typical veterinary house call practice.  When you call us to your home, you'll get more than just a veterinarian with a doctor's bag.  Rather, you should expect the veterinarian, the support staff and the entire veterinary hospital to arrive at your door as well.

Dogtor Calls provides both primary veterinary care and supplementary veterinary care, depending on the specific needs of our patients and their families.


For pets who already have a primary veterinarian, Dogtor Calls is available to

provide home care to your pet according to your regular veterinarian's specifications.  As a supplemental care giver, we will:

     * Consult with your primary veterinarian

     * Perform recheck exams

     * Perform follow up diagnostics

     * Perform prescribed treatments

     * Report all findings to your veterinarian

     * Provide final care services

The Dogtor Calls Coach

Dogtor Calls


* 26' Mobile Veterinary Hospital           * CR digital xray processor

* Dedicated surgery suite                     * Ultrasonic dental scaler, polisher

* Surgivet anesthetic system                        and high speed drill

* Multi-parameter surgical monitor       * Walk-on digital scale

* In-house lab analyzer                        * Treatment table/Wet table

* MinXray HF100A Xray                       * Patient kennels

Mobile Veterinary Hospital

673 Atherton Avenue, Novato, Ca. 94945

(415) 755-3498